New Years promises
New Years regrets, and blisters
and heartaches,
and snow.
Sunshine through a window in a kitchen filled with rosemary
And a stove top conjuring a broth of memories.

Exhausted snowshoes, exhausted mittens, exhausted kettles.
Anxious pavements on the sidewalk, waiting for footsteps
dancing with the cherry blossoms.

Waves of untouched snow flow over sleeping gardens.

Close to the sheets
a familiar warmth
with soft eyelids,
and soft lips,
and two sets of legs wrapped together like spaghetti.
Daytime passes. Evening passes.
Busy Mondays, in an office with no windows.
Dry air, and post-it notes.
Calendars mocking talents of procrastination.


To a city where a girl
On the back of a bicycle
In a summer dress, laughs,
as she hugs the boy peddling…

Email alerts and anti-virus software updates.
Happiness is a crowded browser